2nd call for the presentation of Workshops for the 14th World Congress of Women 2021 – WW2021


It is with great satisfaction that the Organizing Committee launches the second call for submission of proposals to Workshops for the 14th edition of the WW2021 Congress. It is the second time that the event will take place on the African continent.

Women’s World is an international and interdisciplinary event that takes place every three years and brings together activists, intellectuals and artists. The Congress promotes critical and plural thinking, debate and re-reading of the world, its challenges and thinks about alternatives to be built, from the diverse feminist experiences and knowledge.

The event will take place in Maputo city, Mozambique in September 2021 at the main University Campus of the Eduardo Mondlane University. The motto of the 14th edition of the Women’s World is AfricanS FeminismS – building alternatives for women and the world through a knowledge corridor that cares and resists.

WW2021 aims at strengthening South-South and South-North solidarity. Our motto departs from the recognition of limited presence, worldviews, voices, arts and experiences, practices and rationalities that think and say the World from the great African continent. Through highlighting African FeminimS, this is plural and comprehensive call open to reflection proposals from the academy and feminist activisms. We aim at receiving proposals that question contemporary hegemonic places based on colonialism, capitalism, racism and patriarchy. The aim is to expand possibilities to resist and build alternatives that will not leave anyone behind.

This Congress expects participation from African and worldwide activists, artists and academics for a horizontal sharing of knowledge and experiences. With the epicentre in Mozambique, in Southern Africa, the challenge of WW2021 is to hold a Congress that is a transformative landmark for feminisms and the world.

The official languages of the 14th edition of WW in 2021 will be Portuguese, Spanish and English. The Congress will feature Round Tables, Workshops, Conversation Wheels, Debates, Workshops, Exhibitions, Posters, Performances, Installations and Solidarity Fairs.

The postponement of WW from 2020 to September 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic lead the Organizing Committee to open a new call for proposals for Workshops. The novelty of this second call is that up to three people will be allowed in each proposal – while, the previous call had a limit of 2 proponents per proposal.

It should be noted that the process of submitting Workshops, as in the first phase, will have two moments, namely:

      1. July 20th to September 20th, 2020: submission of Workshop proposals with a maximum of 3 members.

        Proposals must be submitted on our digital platform and must be between 200 and 300 words. The MM2021 Scientific Committee will be responsible for evaluating and approving the proposals, and the Organizing Committee will communicate the results to interested people.

        Members of approved workshop proposals will be responsible for receiving, evaluating and accepting submissions for their workshop (which will be submitted in the second moment of this call as per the schedule below). Additionally, all coordination tasks of the accepted workshop will be under the responsibility of its members.

      2. November 25th 2020 to February 25th 2021: submission papers (communications) to approved workshops

        All workshop members will be responsible for evaluating all received communications which should be submitted via the digital platform of the WW2021 within the timeframe indicated above.

The results of both submissions will be communicated through the MM2021 website

The proposals for the Workinars, to be submitted in this present phase of the call, should be structured according to one of the 10 Thematic Axis.





Phase I – Evaluations of the proposals and informing the proponents the results

April until July 10th 2020

CC[1], SE[2] and colaborators

Phase II – Submission of the proposals

July 20th to September 20th 2020

CC and proponents

Evaluation of the proposals – Phase II

September 25th to October 25th 2020

CCand colaborator s

Informing the proponents (via e-mails) the results – Phase II

October 30th to November 10th 2020

CC and SE

Submissions of works extracts, posters, workshops and artistic projects

November 25th 2020 to February 25th 2021

Proponents of the extracts, posters, workshops and artistic projects

Evaluations of the extracts, posters, workshops and artisctic projects

30 de Fevereiro a 15 de Março de 2021

Coordenadoras/es da oficinárias e Comissão de artes e cultura

Informing the proponents (via e-mails) the results of the extracts and artistic projects

March 15th to April 15th 2021

Coordinators of the Oficinarias, CC, SE and Arts and Culture Commission

[1] Scientific Commission

[2] Executive Secretariat




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